If you’ve been financially affected by COVID-19, you may be eligible for help.

Rent and utilities

Renters can get protection against eviction and help with payments for rent and utilities. Landlords may apply for help as well.


Find out what free food or EBT cards to buy food you may be eligible to get.

Sick leave

If you can’t work because you or a family member you care for has COVID-19, you can get paid leave.

Stimulus payments

Learn what stimulus payments are still available, and how you can qualify for them.


Pandemic-specific benefits ended or were reduced on September 4, 2021. Find out what you’re eligible for now, and how to apply.

Business grants and loans

If you’re a business owner who has been affected by COVID-19, you can apply for grants, loans, and tax credits.

Housing and homelessness

If you’re struggling to find housing, we can help.


Homeowners and landlords who are having a hard time paying their mortgage may get relief or more time to pay.

Funeral costs

There are programs that can help with the financial burden of this difficult time.

Benefits for children

Find out what financial and daycare benefits are available for families with children.

Healthcare and health insurance

If you’re uninsured or need medical care, there are free or low-cost options to get the help you need.