If you have been financially affected by COVID-19, you may be eligible for:

Help for renters, homeowners, and small landlords

Rental assistance for renters and landlords is available through the California COVID-19 Rent Relief Program. Go to the Housing is Key application portal or call 1‑833‑430‑2122 to apply as a renter or landlord.


  • Assistance with rental payments is available to anyone with a coronavirus-related hardship, like loss or reduction of income
  • The COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act prevents you from being evicted if you declare your hardship
  • Protection from eviction for unpaid rent runs through June 30, 2021

More information is available at Housingiskey.com

Homeowners and small landlords

Mortgage forebearance is available for homeowners and small landlords who have federally-backed mortgages through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Check the Help for Homeowners page for information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Learn more about your mortgage protections and resources.

Small landlords can also apply for California COVID-19 Rent Relief at Housingiskey.com

Golden State Stimulus

The Golden State Stimulus (GSS) is a one-time, $600 relief payment. California will provide the Golden State Stimulus payment to families and individuals who qualify.

See how to get your  Golden State Stimulus payment.

Unemployment insurance

  • Available if you lost your job or had your hours reduced
  • Provides cash payments based on past earnings
  • Maximum of 59 weeks of benefits while the federal CARES Act is in effect

Apply for benefits through the Employment Development Department.

For more information, review the Workers page of the Saferatwork website.

Food assistance

  • Available to anyone who needs help getting food for any reason
  • Resources include government programs and nonprofits like food banks
  • Benefit availability varies by program

If you or someone you know needs food benefits, see our Food and food assistance page.

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Questions and answers

What effect will late payments have on my credit report?

Financial institutions will not report derogatory information (like late payments) to credit reporting agencies, but may report a forbearance. Typically this does not negatively affect a credit score on its own.

How long will financial relief programs last?

It’s unclear how severe or how long COVID-19 will affect California. Financial institutions have committed to necessary relief and will assess ongoing conditions and need for continuing relief.

What if my financial institution isn’t offering relief?

Call or check their website to be sure. At this time, JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, Wells Fargo and Citigroup, and nearly 200 state-chartered banks and credit unions are supporting commitments to relief.

Is mortgage relief available to businesses?

The relief is currently only available for residential mortgages.

What if my mortgage servicer is not communicative or cooperative?

  • File a complaint with the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI)