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varStatsHeaderTracking COVID-19 in CA
varPercentIncrease% increase
varStateSummaryState data
varVaccinationVaccination progress
varHealthEquityHealth equity
varHeroTitleYour actions save lives
varHeroP1Get vaccinated
varHeroP2Keep California healthy
varHeroAlertSocialCheck the Governor’s updates
varRecentUpdatesTitleRecent updates
varPeopleWantToKnowTitlePeople want to know
varForBusinessesFor businesses
varVaccinesAdministeredVaccines Administered
varNewCasesPer100new cases per 100K
varNewDeathsPer100new deaths per 100K
varTestPositivitytest positivity
varDataDetailsHereDetails about this data are available in the
varStateDashboardstate dashboard
varTestingtesting update
varUpdateTextUpdated [UpdatedDate] with data from [DataDate]
varHeroImageAltThree young women enjoy a sunny walk on a California beach.

Updated <month> <date>, <year> at <time>

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Statewide COVID-19 Data

California state-wide data

Statewide Testing Data

Small disclaimer about above Tableau chart

County Monitoring List

Counties at risk Tableau Chart

Open businesses vary by county. See what’s open or closed in your area.

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    用肥皂和水洗手至少 20 秒鐘摸臉
    外出時要保持 6 英呎的安全社交距離

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    用肥皂和水洗手至少 20 秒钟摸脸
    外出时要保持 6 英尺的安全社交距离

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    지켜야 할 사항
    해서는 안 될 사항
    자택격리반드시 필요한 경우가 아닌 외출
    가족이 아닌 사람들과 사회적 거리 유지하기사람들과 악수하기
    비누와 물로 최소한 20초 동안 손 씻기씻지 않은 손으로 얼굴 만지기
    기침이나 재채기를 할 때는 화장지로 가리고 하기사전 예약없이 병원에 진료 받으러 가기
    자주 만지는 물체나 표면을 깨끗히 청소하고 소독하기마스크나 장갑 사재기
    집 밖에서는 6피트의 안전한 사회적 거리 두기 실천하기

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    Manatili sa tahananUmalis ng bahay maliban sa mahahalagang mga aktibidad
    Iwasan ang mga tao sa labas ng iyong sambahayanMakipag-kamayan
    Hugasan ang iyong kamay ng sabon at tubig ng hindi bababa sa 20 segundoHawakan ang iyong mukha
    Takpan ang iyong ubo at bahing ng tisyuPumunta sa doktor maliban kung tumawag na muna
    Linisan at disinpektahan ang madalas na nahahawakang mga kagamitan at mga ibabaw nitoMag-imbak ng mga mask o gloves
    Panatilihing ligtas ang pagdistansiya sa lipunan ng 6 na talampakan kapag nasa labas ng tahanan

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    Không nên
    Ở nhàRời khỏi nhà trừ những hoạt động thiết yếu
    Tránh tiếp xúc với những người không phải người cùng nhà của quý vịBắt tay
    Rửa tay thường xuyên bằng xà phòng và nước trong ít nhất 20 giâyChạm vào mặt quý vị
    Khi ho hoặc hắt hơi, che miệng bằng khăn giấyĐi đến bác sĩ trừ khi quý vị đã gọi trước
    Làm sạch và khử trùng thường xuyên các đồ vật và những bề mặt quý vị hay chạmDự trữ mặt nạ hoặc găng tay
    Duy trì khoảng cách 2 mét (6 feet) mỗi khi ra khỏi nhà

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    لا تفعل
    ابقَ في المنزلالخروج من المنزل إلا لممارسة الأنشطة الضرورية
    تجنب الأشخاص من خارج أسرتك المعيشيةالمصافحة باليد
    اغسل يديك بالصابون والماء لمدة 20 ثانية على الأقللمس وجهك
    قم بتغطية سعالك أو عطسك، بمنديلالذهاب إلى الطبيب قبل أن تتصل به أولًا
    نظف وطهر الأشياء والأسطح التي كثيرًا ما تلمسهاتخزين الكمامات أو القفازات
    حافظ على مسافة تباعد اجتماعي تبلغ 6 أقدام عند وجودك خارج المنزل

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    Cómo ayudar a prevenirlo
    No hacer
    Quedese en casaSalir de la casa excepto por actividades esenciales.
    Evite a personas fuera de su hogarSalude de mano
    Lávese las manos con agua y jabón durante al menos 20 segundos.Toque su cara
    Cubra su tos o estornude con un pañueloVaya al médico a menos que llame primero
    Limpie y desinfecte objetos y superficies que se tocan con frecuencia.Se guarde máscaras o guantes
    Mantenga una distancia fisica de 6 pies cuando esté fuera de la casa y use cubierta de tela

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    Do Not
    Stay homeLeave the house except for essential activities
    Avoid people outside your householdShake hands
    Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 secondsTouch your face
    Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissueGo to doctor unless you call first
    Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfacesStockpile masks or gloves
    Maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet whenever outside of the house
    Wear a cloth face covering if you go outside

    Your actions save lives

    Keep California healthy.
    Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance.

    California numbers

    california for all your actions save lives visit CA covid19 toolkit website

    California is working around the clock to respond to COVID-19

    See CA State actions

    California is committed to supporting staff and students to safely return to in-person instruction for the 2021-2022 school year.

    On this page:


    California schools are expected to offer full time, in-person schooling for the 2021-2022 school year. California will follow CDC guidance when it’s released. School masking guidance remains in place and masks are required. School administrators, staff, and parents can learn more about their reopening status at the Safe Schools for All Hub.

    Higher education

    Most businesses are required to maintain compliance with California’s COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS), which include current public health guidelines. These ETS are available to help institutions and their communities plan and prepare to resume in-person instruction.

    Many schools, like CSU, are adjusting admission criteria in response to COVID-19.

    See your college or university’s COVID-19 response:

    To learn more about your state financial aid package, visit the California Student Aid Commission website.

    Stay informed